Search your pokémon with GPS Fake Pokemon Go

Capture Pokémon from the clock seems as comfortable as attractive idea. When play Pokémon GO from mobile, go with mobile on display on top taking is not too comfortable and spending on battery set is disastrous. So why not use the gadget we already have on the wrist?


In addition to the bracelet Pokémon Go Plus, you should leave this week, the Pokémon teachers with an iPhone will have the option to use your Apple Watch. We saw in the keynote last week. And we all wonder: will reach Android Wear? Almost certainly, they have “half confirmed” from Niantic.

It is a rumor that grew after the presentation of the iPhone 7. In the analysis of the last APK Pokémon GO allusions were found in the code to the smartwatch Android Wear, it allows the game to run in the background within Android, he added Bluetooth support with AES encryption and bracelet Pokémon GO Plus is almost on the street. The latter is important: technically supports any Android Wear specifications bracelet.

As an experienced user in Android Wear, and also in the game of pocket monsters, this is my letter to Pikachu Noel:

Since the clock records the steps, and the mobile supplied GPS data, you should save a smartwatch having the two devices lit screen.
As in pokemon go coins cheats, or the Apple Watch, Android Wear should alert nearby and Poképaradas Pokémon. Also gymnasiums.
The Pokémon you capture have to leave the clock on the screen as a notification. One click and we could capture him; although, depending on the level, should be used to ensure mobile capture (the official use is that you always have to use the smartphone, not as on the bracelet).
When the smartwatch alert the Poképarada, would only take a click on the notification to collect the objects.

Android Wear could be the perfect compass to locate Pokémon.
Incubator eggs. Imagine you go to watch sports with but do not bring mobile. Why not use the smartwatch as an incubator? A career and have the egg of 5 KM open. Although insurance is a Nidoran …
Pokémon trainer. As with the incubator, playing sports with your Pokémon friend should serve to train. And to get the candy.
It could become a good substitute for Google Fit and other sports applications that stimulate exercise. Providing statistics, it is supposed to and will, could enhance the rides with different prizes tempting users to watch. Or, just enough to let incubasen or entrenasen Pokémon.
What if a sphere Niantic would offer personalized watch your Pokémon Friend? For example, if you have a Pikachu on his shoulder, it could also give you the time.

No doubt that Pokémon Go has already been downloaded by millions of users. This is completely understandable, because the game basically is to go out and capture Pokemon. To accomplish this, the GPS, however used, can be a bit risky because it can be victims of a theft. Discover how to capture Pokemon at home with Pokemon Go Fake GPS and so have them all from the comfort of your home.

What is Fake GPS?

Fake GPS Location Spoofer is an application available free on Google Play that serves to simulate our actual location. Our Android devices use the geolocation by GPS to generate a location that many applications use, including Pokémon Go.


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